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The Spirit of the Canaanites

blown through his Living Ram's Horn
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There are those running seeking gain from God's glory...God has spoke this to me to share with His people...Those Canaanites that Come to war with you is being driven out...You do have to war because there is an enemy in the camp... GET THEM OUT!!!!! Drive them Out Go and Posses the land.....


Zeph 2:5 Woe to the inhabitants of the seacoast, the nation of the Cherethites [in Philistia]! The word of the Lord is against you, O Canaan, land of the Philistines; I will destroy you until no inhabitant is left.
Zeph 2:6 And the seacoast shall be pastures, with [deserted] dwelling places {and} caves for shepherds and folds for flocks
I had to study on the Canaanites and I found out they were FLESH EATERS and traders...Remember that in the Garden of Eden that the serpent came to Eve and tricked her in eating fruit from the tree..
Gen 3:14 And the Lord God said to the serpent, Because you have done this, you are cursed above all [domestic] animals and above every [wild] living thing of the field; upon your belly you shall go, and you shall eat dust [and what it contains] all the days of your life.
What is this dust that the devil is cursed to eat?
Gen 2:7 Then the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath {or} spirit of life, and man became a living being.
Flesh eaters are those that walk in the curse of the devil, they are children of the devil...They run around and try devour the flesh...Some of you have Canaanites after your LIFE..There are people that are in your life attached to you just to eat YOUR FLESH..
There is Canaanites BATTLING in YOUR CAMP..Their prize is to eat your Flesh...How many of you remember the Word God gave that He is releasing the Hornets? Well look at how is apart of this PROMISE...
Ex 23:28 And I will send hornets before you which shall drive out the Hivite, Canaanite, and Hittite from before you.
Pastors in your church God have released the Hornets and it is driving out the Canaanites, those that came in just to taint and pick on those that want to learn and be planted. Those that are sneaking around and devouring flesh like a wolf....YOUR FLESH EATERS or being DRIVEN OUT....The hornets are being released to drive out the enemy which is in the camp...To those with the spirit of Canaanites "You shall be a serpent. You shall crawl on your belly. You shall eat the dust of the earth."
Ex 13:11 And when the Lord brings you into the land of the Canaanites, as He promised {and} swore to you and your fathers, and shall give it to you,
In order to enter the promise Land the Canaanites have to be DONE AWAY WITH....Once you see those that are EATING FLESH in your midst those that is swallowing up your life LEAVE they are being driven out by God...Rejoice...
The Spirit of the Canaanites is to make money off religion...They Occupy the land that is for God's Children and live there as if they belong...they stay in the Land that YOU WILL SOON TAKE OVER...Spirit of the Canaanite
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